Desk & Studio Tour


It might be a bit misleading to call this a “studio” tour— freelancing sometimes means that every part of my home becomes a work space at one point or another. Some projects might require more space than what our humble desk allows for, the bedroom has the best natural lighting for impromptu photoshoots, and sometimes “working from home” means answering emails from the comfort of the couch.

For the sake of this particular post, I decided to hone on our desk area— every part of which was put together and built by hand. The desk, per family lore, was built by Hayley’s grandfather from a tree that had fallen in his yard after being struck by lightning. A humble school style desk complete with a lift lid, it is able to fit everything we need without overpowering the small space that we have to work with. The bluish-teal hue of the desk is a nice contrast to the other furniture in the room, which is accented with brightly colored yellows.


The shelving units were put together by Hayley’s father, which also serves to make the most of our small space. I love the appearance of the stacked shelves, which gives us room to house our large desktop computer and Canon PRO-100 printer without making everything feel too cluttered. And because our desk sometimes serves as a recording booth, a shipping center, along with being a design studio, we’re always able to keep all the odds and ends tucked away neatly.


The art in this space is what pulls everything together— it’s inspiring to be surrounded by the work of artists you admire. My prized art work is a skateboard deck by Unity Skateboards. Founded by Bay Area artist Jeffrey Cheung, Unity is a skateboard company. small publishing press, zine shop, and community space by and for queer people. Read Jeffrey’s interview in i-D here and get inspired!


We also have a small collection of prints, postcards, love notes, photobooth strips, and random bits and pieces along the wall— a sweet reminder of things we like and people we love.

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